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The Frag Dolls are a group of professional female gamers who, as recruits and employees of Ubisoft, compete in gaming tournaments, promote and play video games at industry and game community events, and promote women's presence and participation in the gaming industry.

According to the website, a frag doll is a female gamer who is extremely skilled in playing first-person shooters, a genre of video games heavily marketed to and dominated by men, as well as a female gamer who is proud to be a part of gaming and geek culture.

Since its creation in 2004, the Frag Dolls have won and placed in numerous tournaments, and they have appeared on numerous panels to encourage female gamers and game developers. The team membership changes over time, as some members retire and new members are chosen from the Frag Doll Cadette pool and open casting calls. The only remaining original team member is Valkyrie.

Current Members

  • Valkyrie (Amy Brady), Joined August 2004
  • Spectra (Anne-Marie Wilson), Joined June 2009
  • Siren (Krystal Herring), Joined June 2010
  • Sabre (Kimberly Weigend), Joined August 2011
  • Pixxel (Edelita Valdez), Joined August 2011
  • Daze (Nicole Cullop), Joined October 2012
  • Esper (Michelle Roberson), Joined October 2012

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