is a Free Software technical conference held in annually in January in an Australian or New Zealand city since 2001, following on from the CALU conference held in 1999. It is known for attracting a high number of international attendees, particularly from the Linux kernel and projects. The conference has a competitive three day main programme which is preceded by two days of community organised miniconferences. Silvia Pfeiffer's Foundations of Open Media Software workshop has been held immediately beforehand for some years.

Mary Gardiner has been the chair or co-chair of the programme committee for the 2008, 2009 and 2010 conferences. Several lead organisers have also been women, including Pia Waugh (2007), Donna Benjamin (2008), Leah Duncan (2009) and Susanne Ruthven (2010).


Women involved with organising LCA

Women speakers at LCA


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